Order of Omega

The Order of Omega was founded at the University of Miami in the Fall of 1959 by Parker F. Enright, the fraternity advisor. On February 9, 1967 (8 years later), a second chapter was chartered at the University of Southern Mississippi and the organization was begun. Since that time, more than 300 campuses have been honored with the establishment of a chapter of the Order of Omega.At Florida International University, The Lambda Phi chapter of the National Order of Omega was founded in 1991; however, was reestablished in October of 2001 after a few inactive years. Membership is limited to colligate Juniors and Seniors (honorary members excluded), representing only 3% of the campus’ Greek population, making Order of Omega one of the highest honors a Greek member can receive.

Qualifications for Membership are as follows:

  • 3.00 cumulative GPA or higher
  • Junior or senior (undergraduate) standing
  • Significant leadership in the Florida International University Community
  • Good standing with your fraternal organization
  • 60 or more credits

Purpose of Order of Omega

  • To recognize those fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in interfraternity activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire others to strive for similar conspicuous attainment.
  • To bring together outstanding fraternity men and women to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate fraternity affairs.
  • To bring together members of the faculty, alumni, and student members of the institution’s fraternities and sororities on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness.

Chapter/Student Spotlight Nomination

President Mary Corbin / Alpha Xi Delta
Vice-President Vacant
VP of Membership Jennifer Ponce / Alpha Xi Delta
Treasurer Jesus De La Rosa / Phi Gamma Delta
Public Relations Sydney Anazco / Alpha Xi Delta